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Modern Reader’s Middle English Bible of the 1530’s
William Tyndale’s Translation for the N. T. & Pentateuch; Matthew’s Bible for the remaining O. T. Volumes.
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Dear & kind reader, if you’re not acquainted with William Tyndale you will want to know that he is probably the greatest ever translator of the Bible into English. He lived in the early 1500’s right before the time of Shakespeare. Most of these web page documents are Tyndale’s work of translating the scriptures into English. They have been personally transcribed (and made available as a web page); then put into more current word forms to make it easier for modern readers. From experience, a steady diet of the scriptures is wholesome soul’s food—indeed, the scriptures must be regarded as the daily bread of the soul.

To the memory of C.S. Lewis, George MacDonald, Nathaniel Hawthorne, John Bunyan & William Tyndale this effort is affectionately dedicated.
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